This beautiful girl and her sister went to Elizabeth in Maine.

She and her sister were shipped to Elizabeth in Maine.

This precious baby now lives with Amy.

Blue Boy was delivered 2/8/14 to Rene in Rogers, AR.

Baby Raine.

Raine at her new home getting ready for shows!! Thanks for sharing Sherrie!!

Little Mr. Bruno went to Lori in MA!

This cutie, Valentino, went to Teresa in MA!!

Bella went to West Memphis, TN

Nixon, formally called blue boy, at his new home.

Tiny Kodi lives in Kansas with Blazer and new family. Thanks, Taryol!!

Lexie is now in Oklahoma

Kelsie is going to Baltimore, MD

Kaylie is going to Seattle, WA

Lacie went with Kaylie to Seattle, WA.

Kade is now in Springdale, AR

Haiden has gone home to Mt. Home with Jade

Buster, now "Chili Pepper" lives in Bauxite, AR with his new family.

Karlie is living in Little Rock, AR with her new family.

Blazer now lives in Kansas with Tiny Kodi.

Little Tad is with his family in Chico, CA now. 😊


Harlyn is now home with the Councilor's in NJ.

Grown up "Blazer", now "Rocky" from Shelby and Vader

Syndie's creamboy

Abbie went home with Stephanie in Bryant, AR Christmas Eve!!!

Grown up Valentino

Candy and Vader male

Bella and Vader female

Bella and Vader’s male

Bella’s grown male and Katniss’s Female puppy

“Kenzie” 1 year old from Bella and Vader

Teddy from Khaleesi and Chewie

Opal x Chewie female now in Texas

Our puppies who have gone to their forever homes
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