No available puppies at this time. Check back in August.

Some of my previous babies. No longer available.

All puppies are listed on the left side of this Website under this page as a subpage by each litter separately (Bella’s babies).  Please look at each page to see all puppies available.  At the bottom of this page is a hyperlink that will take you to all my Puppies listed on puppyfind  

I no longer keep a waiting list for my puppies.  I will not hold a puppy without a deposit To hold a puppy requires a $500 non-refundable deposit via Cash, Facebook pay, Paypal (certain conditions), Walmart money gram.  Deposit will only be refunded if puppy becomes unfit for sale. All puppies come with AKC papers, deworming and vaccinations up to date as reccomended with health record, Growth chart with weekly weights charted, Health guarantee, new puppy folder from Purina, paper or pad trained,  a bag full of food, treats, toys and blanket AND prespoiled!  I prefer you come and pick puppy up in person but if needed, shipping can be arranged. Price for shipping is extra and varies depending on distance and method of shipping. Expect $350-$450. shipping methods are in flight Pet nanny, ground carrier, and flying cargo.  Cargo is not easy in AR with temps having to be between 45 and 85 degrees ANYWHERE along the trip. It’s almost always going to be either too hot or too cold at the layover sites so i Recommend in flight Pet nannies and have several to chose from now. i will also meet you at our airport if you want to fly here to get your  baby in person. Or I’m willing to meet you in or near Longview, TX or Kansas City, MO for very reasonable delivery fees because I can stay with my kids.  

 Prices will be listed with each puppy when I’m ready to accept deposits.  I do not accept deposits before there is a puppy to attach it to and I wait until the puppies are at least two weeks old and thriving before taking a deposit.  I will allow pick up in person customers priority over those who will need shipping for 1-2 weeks when pups are ready for deposits. Thank you for your understanding. 😊

I try my best to take pictures or videos weekly for updates on your puppy so you can watch your puppy grow ❤️  Easiest if you connect with me on Facebook Messenger for the videos. I can share videos also when trying to decide on getting a puppy.  Just ask 😊👍

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